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Please send enquiry by email: admin@pursueplumbing.com

PURSUE contact information:


Company: Pursue Industrial Co., Ltd

Address: NO. 12 Shi Road, HuangBian, ShiQiao town,

PanYu district, GuangZhou city, Guangdong, China

Email: admin@pursueplumbing.com

Wechat: stevein2008

Skype: stevein2008

Website: www.pursueplumbing.com

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Contact: Steven

Phone: 0086-137-2542-6359

Tel: 0086-137-2542-6359

Email: admin@pursueplumbing.com

Add: NO. 12 Shi Road, HuangBian, ShiQiao, PanYu, GuangZhou, Guangdong, China

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