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The attraction of Chinese pipe fitting suppliers is not only price

Chinese pipe fittings suppliers


Chinese pipe fitting suppliers

The continuous increase of global investment in the aquatic oil and gas industry has led to the rapid development of Chinese pipe fittings suppliers. Chinese pipe fittings suppliers, benefiting from their price advantages and constantly improving quality, have attracted more and more attention from international customers and become the world's purchasing center for pipe fittings products.

An international purchaser said that purchasing from Chinese pipe fittings suppliers saved an average of 30% of the cost of purchasing from Western countries, after deducting the delivery and tax cost. At the same time, Chinese pipe fittings suppliers implement the "going out" strategy, which further promotes Chinese pipe fittings products to the international market.

The quality of Chinese pipe fittings suppliers is getting better and better.

At present, the pipe fittings products manufactured by Chinese pipe fittings suppliers have formed a relatively complete, large-scale and technological level industrial system. A large number of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights have been applied to the field of water, gas and oil. Some products have gradually won international market recognition. Chinese pipe fittings suppliers have also reached a new level in quantity and quality.

While Chinese pipe fittings suppliers go abroad, some international pipe fittings suppliers also enter our country. Some world-known companies also make use of China's manufacturing resources to expand their global business services. Accordingly, international oil companies gradually increase their bidding and procurement efforts in China.



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