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How to select sanitary valve?

How to select sanitary valve?

Sanitary valve refers to the valve used in pharmaceutical, food and other industries and places with high requirements for sanitary level.

Pharmaceutical or food factories often purchase sanitary valves for the construction of related equipment. Sanitary valve can meet the special requirements of various fluids in the field of food and biopharmaceutical. Sanitary valves are smooth and seamless.
How to select sanitary valve

Selection of sanitary valves:

1. In order to cut off or adjust the flow and switch of medium in the pipeline, sanitary butterfly valve and sanitary ball valve can be selected.

2. In the pipeline of food, beverage and biopharmaceutical, when remote control or automatic control is required, pneumatic control is generally adopted, including sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve and sanitary pneumatic ball valve.

3. In sanitary storage tank or pipeline system, sometimes the pressure may be unstable, so a protection device is needed to automatically relieve the pressure when the pressure is over. In this case, a sanitary safety valve can be used.

4. To prevent backflow of fluid, sanitary flange check valve, quick installation check valve and thread check valve can be used.

5. In some food pipelines, it is sometimes necessary to mix the medium in two direction pipelines. In this case, sanitary three-way ball valve can be used.

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