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Made in China 2025 Pipe Fittings Industry Strategy

Made in China 2025 Pipe Fittings Industry Strategy

中国制造2025, 管件行业的发展战略

Made in China 2025 Pipe Fittings Industry Strategy

China's pipe fittings industry is related to people's livelihood. Made in China 2025 pipe fittings industry strategy, how do you think about it? let's wait and see.

At present, the main problems existing in China's pipe fittings industry are poor profitability of enterprises, low efficiency of energy and resource utilization, unreasonable industrial structure, etc. Therefore, under the guidance of the Made in China 2025 action plan, with the help of new information technology and Internet technology, it is the only way for Made in China 2025 Pipe Fittings Industry Strategy to improve the level of intellectualization as soon as possible.

Made in China 2025 pipe fittings industry strategy, we should vigorously develop manufacturing-oriented information technology services, improve the program design, development and integrated capabilities of information application systems in key industries. Enterprises such as the Internet are encouraged to develop innovative models such as mobile e-commerce, online customization, online-to-offline, and actively develop dynamic monitoring and forecasting and early warning of products and markets, so as to achieve seamless docking with manufacturing enterprises and innovate business collaboration processes and value creation models.

At present, online shopping and e-commerce are very developed. Made in China 2025 pipe fittings industry strategy should rely on the opportunity of e-commerce and strive to open a market.

Some well-known international IT companies such as softwareinternet have penetrated into the manufacturing industry, among which GE practices in the United States are worth learning. The company has introduced a new concept of industrial internet, and is establishing an industrial Internet alliance with IBM, Cisco and other five largest IT companies in the United States. It defines itself as a service company, integrates internal IT resources, establishes GE Digital Group Company, and develops a cloud computing-based management platform Predix, which has been launched internally and manages 10,000 people across 13 industries. Assets of $100 million and data from 10 million sensors. Made in China 2025 pipe fittings industry strategy needs to learn from the practices of these well-known IT companies.

At present, a group of super-large petroleum and chemical enterprises or enterprise groups headed by PetroChina, Sinopec, and Sinochem have begun to approach international advanced technology in information service technology. In the first batch of 46 pilot demonstration units of intelligent manufacturing established by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in 2015, the petrochemical field basically comes from the above-mentioned enterprises or enterprise groups. However, a large number of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises are still in its infancy. Relevant management departments, industry organizations, chemical parks and social organizations should take timely action to open a new era of information technology services in chemical manufacturing in various corresponding fields of chemical production. Made in China 2025 pipe fittings industry strategy will bring a booming era.


中国制造2025, 管件行业的发展战略

中国管件行业是关系民生的行业,中国制造2025, 管件行业战略如何,就让我们拭目以待吧。




国际上一些知名软件/互联网等IT公司已经深入到制造业中,其中美国GE做法值得借鉴。该公司已经推出工业互联网的新概念,正在联合IBM、思科等5家美国最大IT企业成立工业互联网联盟; 并将自己定义为服务性公司,整合内部IT资源,成立GE Digital集团公司,开发了基于云计算的管理平台Predix,目前该平台已在公司内部上线,管理了横跨13个行业的1万亿美元的资产,以及1000万个传感器的数据。《中国制造2025》管件行业战略需要学习这些知名IT公司的做法。




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