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  • 1 pc ball valve supplier
1 pc ball valve supplier

1 pc ball valve supplier

  • 1 pc ball valve
  • Thread: NPT thread, BSPT thread
  • Connection: female thread, flange, welding
  • Port Size: 1/4''-4''
  • Product description: PURSUE is 1 pc ball valve supplier and 1 pc ball valve manufacturer. We supply 1 pc ball valve

1 pc ball valve supplier

1 pc ball valve supplier

Item No.

Item name DN size Inch size
PS01000 1 piece ball valve DN15 1/2"
PS01001 1 piece ball valve DN20 3/4"
PS01002 1 piece ball valve DN25 1"
PS01003 1 piece ball valve DN32 1-1/4"
PS01004 1 piece ball valve DN40 1-1/2"
PS01005 1 piece ball valve DN50 2"
PS01006 1 piece ball valve DN65 2-1/2"
PS01007 1 piece ball valve DN80 3"
PS01008 1 piece ball valve DN100 4"

1 球阀基础知识:
Basic knowledge of ball valves:

We are 1 pc ball valve supplier, ball valve is a valve with sphere as opening and closing parts. With the rapid development of processing technology, detection technology and intelligent control technology, as well as the emergence of various new sealing materials, ball valve products will be more and more widely used. At present, ball valve products are widely used in general industrial pipelines.

As early as the 1980s, the United States began to design ball valves, but the lack of appropriate sealing ring materials limited the development of ball valve products. Until the 1950s, the emergence of elastic sealing materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene and the development of machine tool industry made the development of ball valve products turn around and get rapid development.

1 pc ball valve supplier.


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