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  • ASME B16.9 reducing tee
ASME B16.9 reducing tee

ASME B16.9 reducing tee

  • Material type: Seamless , Weld seam
  • Size: seamless 1/2-48
  • Surface: Sand Rolling, Sand Blasting ,Acid Cleaning, Black painting
  • Wall thickness: Sch5S-Sch160, XS,XXS
  • Product description: PURSUE is ASME B16.9 reducing tee supplier, supplying ASME B16.9 reducing tee

ANSI B16.9 45 deg elbow

ASME B16.9 reducing tee

Item No. Item name DN size (mm) Inch size
PS76120 Reducing tee DN15 1/2"
PS76121 Reducing tee DN20 3/4"
PS76122 Reducing tee DN25 1"
PS76123 Reducing tee DN32 1-1/4"
PS76124 Reducing tee DN40 1-1/2"
PS76125 Reducing tee DN50 2"
PS76126 Reducing tee DN65 2-1/2"
PS76127 Reducing tee DN80 3''
PS76128 Reducing tee DN100 4''
PS76129 Reducing tee DN125 5''
PS76130 Reducing tee DN150 6''
PS76131 Reducing tee DN200 8''
PS76132 Reducing tee DN250 10''
PS76133 Reducing tee DN300 12''
PS76134 Reducing tee DN350 14''
PS76135 Reducing tee DN400 16''
PS76136 Reducing tee DN450 18''
PS76137 Reducing tee DN500 20''
PS76138 Reducing tee DN550 22''
PS76139 Reducing tee DN600 24''
PS76140 Reducing tee DN650 26''
PS76141 Reducing tee DN700 28''
PS76142 Reducing tee DN750 30''
PS76143 Reducing tee DN800 32''
PS76144 Reducing tee DN850 34''
PS76145 Reducing tee DN900 36''
PS76146 Reducing tee DN950 38''
PS76147 Reducing tee DN1000 40''
PS76148 Reducing tee DN1050 42''
PS76149 Reducing tee DN1100 44''
PS76150 Reducing tee DN1150 46''
PS76151 Reducing tee DN1200 48''

ASME B16.9 reducing tee Material: Stainless Steel 304 316 etc

ASME B16.9 reducing tee Standard: ASTM / JIS / DIN / BS / GB/ GOST
ASME B16.9 reducing tee Material type: Seamless , Weld seam
ASME B16.9 reducing tee Wall thick: SCH5S,SCH10S,SCH10,SCH20,SCH30,SCH40,STD,XS,SCH60,SCH80,SCH100,SCH120,SCH140,SCH160,XXS
ASME B16.9 reducing tee Size: seamless 1/2-48", Weld 1/2-72"
ASME B16.9 reducing tee Surface process: Sand Rolling, Sand Blasting ,Acid Cleaning, Black painting

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