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  • stainless steel 3 piece ball valve
stainless steel 3 piece ball valve

stainless steel 3 piece ball valve

  • Material: stainless steel 304, 316, brass
  • Thread: NPT thread, BSPT thread
  • Connection: female thread, flange, welding
  • Port Size: 1/4''-4''
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3 piece ball valve supplier

3 piece ball valve

Item No. Item name DN size Size
PS03020 3 piece ball valve DN15 1/2"
PS03021 3 piece ball valve DN20 3/4"
PS03022 3 piece ball valve DN25 1"
PS03023 3 piece ball valve DN32 1-1/4"
PS03024 3 piece ball valve DN40 1-1/2"
PS03025 3 piece ball valve DN50 2"
PS03026 3 piece ball valve DN65 2-1/2"
PS03027 3 piece ball valve DN80 3''
PS03028 3 piece ball valve DN100 4''

3 piece ball valve have totally equal inside to allow full port flow rate, so that the flow resistance is very very small, just like flow though pipe.

It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, water supply and water drainage pipeline.
The difference between 3 piece ball valve and gate valve is the structure: the closure of 3 piece ball valve is a sphere, the sphere rotate in the center of the valve body to achieve open and close effect.

Ball valves are mainly used in pipeline to cut flow, distribute flow and change the flow direction of the media.

** The fluid resistance is small, the resistance coefficient is similar to pipeline with same length as the valve length.
** Sealing effect is reliable, use sealing tap as sealing material with good sealing effect. It is usually used in vacuum system.
** Three pieces ball valve is simple structure and light weight.
** It can be quickly open and closed. It takes only 90 degree to turn from totally open to totally closed. Also suitable for remote control device.
** Three piece ball valve can be disassemble for easy maintenance.
** The valve sealing surface will be isolated from flow media when the valve is fully open or fully closed. Then the flow media will not cause furface erosion on the valve sealing material.
** Three pieces ball valve have wide size range for application.

3 pieces ball valve installation attention:
* To leave suitable position for the valve handle rotation;
* Ball valves with drive mechanism should be installed upright.

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