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  • Good price China manufacturer pipe press fitting ss reducer stainless steel reducing tee
Good price China manufacturer pipe press fitting ss reducer stainless steel reducing tee

Good price China manufacturer pipe press fitting ss reducer stainless steel reducing tee

  • high quality stainless steel press fitting
  • Size: 15 to 108mm
  • Quality control: 100% quality inspection
  • material: Stainless steel 304, 316
  • Product description: PURSUE is manufacturer of stainless steel reducing tee press fitting, more than 10 years experience, high quality and good price reducing tee press fitting, 100% inspection before cargo delivery.

Good price China manufacturer pipe press fitting ss reducer stainless steel reducing tee

Item number Item name
Out diameter
PS111150 Reducing tee 18×15
PS111151 Reducing tee 22×15
PS111152 Reducing tee 22×18
PS111153 Reducing tee 28×15
PS111154 Reducing tee 28×18
PS111155 Reducing tee 28×22
PS111156 Reducing tee 35×15
PS111157 Reducing tee 35×18
PS111158 Reducing tee 35×22
PS111159 Reducing tee 35×28
PS111160 Reducing tee 42×15
PS111161 Reducing tee 42×18
PS111162 Reducing tee 42×22
PS111163 Reducing tee 42×28
PS111164 Reducing tee 42×35
PS111165 Reducing tee 54×15
PS111166 Reducing tee 54×18
PS111167 Reducing tee 54×22
PS111168 Reducing tee 54×28
PS111169 Reducing tee 54×35
PS111170 Reducing tee 54×42
PS111171 Reducing tee 76.1×22
PS111172 Reducing tee 76.1×28
PS111173 Reducing tee 76.1×35
PS111174 Reducing tee 76.1×42
PS111175 Reducing tee 76.1×54
PS111176 Reducing tee 88.9×22
PS111177 Reducing tee 88.9×28
PS111178 Reducing tee 88.9×35
PS111179 Reducing tee 88.9×42
PS111180 Reducing tee 88.9×54
PS111181 Reducing tee 88.9×76.1
PS111182 Reducing tee 108×22
PS111183 Reducing tee 108×28
PS111184 Reducing tee 108×35
PS111185 Reducing tee 108×42
PS111186 Reducing tee 108×54
PS111187 Reducing tee 108×76.1
PS111188 Reducing tee 108×88.9

Technical information:

-- Material for stainless steel reducing tee: 304 and 316, carbon steel
-- Suit medium: water, compressed air, gas, oil etc. (Please select correct O ring material for different medium)
-- Profile: M Profile and V profile Press Fitting available.

Working pressure:
-- Working temperature for stainless steel reducing tee: subject to the O ring material you use. (-20 to 110 degree for EPDM O ring)
-- Working pressure 1.6MPa =16bar = 232 psi,

-- Standard: EN 10312
-- EN10312 out diameter: 15, 18, 22, 28, 35, 42, 54, 76.1, 88.9, 108mm (inch size: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", 3", 4")

Sealing ring material:
EPDM: Sanitary for water supply, not oil resistant.
FKM: It is both sanitary and oil resistant, but higher cost.


Packed in export carton.

Our Services:
* After-sales service: we provide after-sales technical support for clients.
* Strict Quality control: we test 100% of the product before delivery to our client, to make sure all products are in high quality.

Contact us:

Get quotation for stainless steel reducing tee: admin@pursueplumbing.com


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