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  • female female FF reducing elbow supplier
female female FF reducing elbow supplier

female female FF reducing elbow supplier

  • Thread: NPT thread, BSPT thread
  • material: stainless steel 304, 316, other
  • Quality control: 100% air tight test
  • 304 316 stainless steel female female FF reducing elbow
  • Product description: PURSUE is FF reducing elbow supplier and FF reducing elbow manufacturer. We supplier FF reducing elbow. 304 316 stainless steel female female FF reducing elbow

FF reducing elbow supplier

Product description:

304 316 stainless steel female female FF reducing elbow

FF reducing elbow supplier

Item No. Item name DN size Inch size
PS19230 Reducing elbow (FF) DN20x15 3/4x1/2"
PS19231 Reducing elbow (FF) DN25x15 1"x1/2"
PS19232 Reducing elbow (FF) DN25x20 1"x3/4"
PS19233 Reducing elbow (FF) DN32x15 1-1/4x1/2"
PS19234 Reducing elbow (FF) DN32x20 1-1/4x3/4"
PS19235 Reducing elbow (FF) DN32x25 1-1/4x1"
PS19236 Reducing elbow (FF) DN40x15 1-1/2x1/2"
PS19237 Reducing elbow (FF) DN40x20 1-1/2x3/4"
PS19238 Reducing elbow (FF) DN40x25 1-1/2x1"
PS19239 Reducing elbow (FF) DN40x32 1-1/2x1-1/4"
PS19240 Reducing elbow (FF) DN50x15 2x1/2"
PS19241 Reducing elbow (FF) DN50x20 2x3/4"
PS19242 Reducing elbow (FF) DN50x25 2x1"
PS19243 Reducing elbow (FF) DN50x32 2x1-1/4"
PS19244 Reducing elbow (FF) DN50x40 2x1-1/2

** Size: 1/2"~4"

** Material: SS316,SS304

** Application: water, oil, gas


** Various standard available

FF reducing elbow supplier

FF reducing elbow supplier

FF reducing elbow supplier

Main products:

** Valve: 1 PC ball valve, 2 PCS ball valve, 3 PCS ball valve, Gate valve, Flange ball valve, Flange gate valve, Check valve, Y strainer, etc.

** Thread fitting: Nipple, Female coupling, Reducing nipple, Female reducer, Male female reducer, Union, End stop, 90° equal elbow, 45° equal elbow, Reducing elbow (FF), Male female elbow, Equal tee, Reducing tee, Cross, etc.

** Groove fitting: Groove clamp, 90 degree groove elbow, 45 degree groove elbow, Groove equal tee, Groove reducing tee, Groove cross, Groove flange, Groove reducer, Groove reducer with press end, Groove reducing tee with press end,

** Weld fitting: 45 degree weld elbow, 90 degree weld elbow, 180 degree weld elbow, Weld equal tee, Weld reducing tee, Weld concentric reducer, Weld eccentric reducer, Weld end stop, etc.

** Camlock quick connector: type A, B, C, D, E, F, DC, DP

FF reducing elbow supplier


Q: How do you control your product quality?

A: We check raw material quality by spectrum analyzer and we adopt precision casting and high-precision CNC lathe for production process. Before cargo delivery, we also have strict quality control to make air-tight inspection for 100% of our products. So that to ensure every single piece of our products is in good quality condition when reaching our clients.

Q: Can you supply different standards products according to customer requirements?
A: Yes. We can supply different standards for different pressure & temperature & size & material according to different needs. Please send us your requirement.

Q: What's the requirement for MOQ?
A: MOQ is about 100 PCS for each size item, if you need less than 100PCS, please send your order list for our checking.

Q: What's your payment term?
Payment term is 30% in advance, 70% balance paid before shipping.

Q: How to order?
A: In order to offer you suitable products, please provide detail information, like size, material, pressure. After receiving your order list, we will issue proforma invoice for you.

FF reducing elbow supplier

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